Zillion ways to express your love for children


How to express your love for your children?

In this COVID-19 phase, I feel anxiety in the eyes of every person. And this anxiousness passes on to kids, which can become too overwhelming for them. They need their parents to answer their questions, they need assurances from them and yes they need more love and warmth. Their tender hearts and naive minds often make them baffled and worried. To pull them out from this jittery situation is to show them feel more loved, safe, and secure and what better could be than showing your love for children?

We might tell them that, we love them a zillion times, but there are more effective ways to show that love in the form of actions. Children immerse themselves in the feeling of love when shown in the form of actions.

There are zillion ways to show your love some of which include:

1. Bear Hugs and Cuddles:

Believe in cuddling your children multiple…

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