Z is for Zoo #A2ZChallenge – NatkhatZ


“Soft toys are great because you have the power to create their character and personality and best of all they keep their mouth shut”. – Sylversong

Each afternoon, before Miss A brings out all her soft animal toys, she places me with my chair on a mat. Then one by one, each one of them is introduced to me and simultaneously placed on the mat near to my chair … and then her talks/ stories start which seem to have no end. She talks about the weather, what all she has done in the morning, her breakfast and lunch sessions and many a times, she becomes a teacher teaching us all English and Hindi poems and even the multiplication tables.

Miss A’s furry friends are delightful and enjoyable. These are in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are many teddies, Jiffy, the giraffe, Silka the seal, Cammy the double-humped camel, a big Pooh bear, Gabbar the brown patchy dog, a…

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