You’re My Baby Forever, But My Newborn for Now


You’re My Baby Forever, But My Newborn for Now

When I had my first baby, everyone told me to enjoy the newborn stage because it goes fast, and I would miss it. But I was so exhausted and overwhelmed I didn’t believe them. While I was living through it, it felt like it took forever!

If you are there now or about to enter this stage, it’s a yummy, delicious, snuggly stage. But for me, it has always been one of the harder ones, every time I go through it. So I see and feel you, mama! It’s physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. Hold tight, though, because it doesn’t last forever.

So, while you are struggling to keep your eyes open, and your mental state together, here are a few things to try to savor while your baby is still a newborn:

8 Things to Savor in the Newborn Stage

That Sweet Baby Smell

Newborns smell so good. Drink it up, because in no time they’ll be…

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