X is for Xmas #A2ZChallenge – NatkhatZ


On baby’s first Christmas there is a beautiful tree,

With many bright colours for baby to see,

Along baby’s crib bells that jingle are strung,

And close by the chimney Baby’s stocking is hung

I was born in the month of December. I have often heard Mommy say that December is a very good month. It is a  festive month and with the year coming to an end, everybody is very cheerful and happy. Another reason for everyone to be in a joyous mood is Christmas! Since Mommy has studied in a convent school she has full faith in Santa and Christmas and she has made sure to pass this tradition to Miss A. So… it is a must for her to celebrate these last few festive days of the year.

Now, you all know that Miss A had asked Santa to bring ME as her Christmas present. As her wish had come true, Miss A was a bit too happy. She, along with our Nani, decorated the Xmas Tree. Though the…

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