Working From Home Has Given Me Time to Be More Present for My Family


This morning I heard words I had been dreading. They came in the form of a Zoom meeting (as most things do these days) and the pronouncement that our office would likely be re-opening on May 25th. I immediately stopped the video on my end so I could compose myself while the meeting continued. When the call ended, I went for a walk, crying most of the way. Then I had pistachio ice cream for lunch.

Working from home has given me time to be more present for my kids. (Twenty20 @dbpicado)

I am not eager to get back

I know most people are eager to get things opened back up–and there are definitely things I wish I could experience right now (my son’s first varsity baseball season, the look on my daughter’s face when I pick her up from her favorite place in the world sleep-away camp, and our upcoming, but likely postponed trip to Disney World). But going back to the office isn’t one of…

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