With the Help of MC Hammer, Alabama Principal Reminds Students “U Can’t Touch This”


If you are the principal of a high school, how do you get the word out to your students about the new Covid-19 related restrictions at school? Alabama high school principal, Dr. Quentin J. Lee had the best answer. He chose to sing a rap song set to MC Hammer’s classic hit, “Can’t Touch This.” 

His video has gone viral because honestly, we can all use some comic relief these days. And this is a wonderful way to have some fun and get your message across to your students. 

He tells his viewers, “As we are all getting ready to go back to school, take a break and enjoy this parody.” In the video, Dr. Lee conveys his message about useful nuggets of information like stay 6 feet away, wash your hands, sanitize, wash your hands and pull your mask up. 

He explains that he is doing all these things because he doesn’t want…

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