Wiping Everything with Clorox Was a Waste of Time


Turns Out Wiping Everything with Clorox Was a Waste of Time

Uncertainty and fear about the hows and whys of the spread of coronavirus has caused worry in all, fear in most, and downright panic in some. Medical and health organizations around the world have been trying to answer these questions since January, if not sooner. However, little information has become available to the general public. And even what does become available is highly uncertain and changes constantly. One of those uncertainties has been how the coronavirus spreads. And, perhaps not surprisingly, what we once were told about how it was spread has changed.

How coronavirus spreads is not what it once seemed.

Up until recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) stated that “it may be possible” to spread the coronavirus on all kinds of hard surfaces. A study back in March (non-peer reviewed, however) seemed…

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