Will Skipping the Life Passage of Graduation Derail the Future of Gen Z?


Graduating from high school or college awakens young people the excitement – and the anxiety – of moving through one of the major “passages” of life. President Obama acknowledged my concept in his commencement speech, describing the “passage to adulthood.” Graduation is merely symbolic of the longer transition where young people leave behind most of the restrictions of family and anticipate the new freedoms of being on their own. 

Graduation is one of life’s major passages. (Twenty20 @lizhandlinmybiz)

Ordinarily, 18-year-olds would be running from prom to commencement to college orientation right now. And 22-year-olds would be hopping from bar to quad to job search in the ultimate celebrations of entry into the “real world.” The giant ceremony that is commencement officially marks their entrance into the early steps away from the confinement – and comfort – of…

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