Why We Moms Are Awake in the Middle of the Night Together


I saw a post on social media the other day asking moms of older kids if they’re getting lots of extra sleep during the great stay-at-home when everything is cancelled.

In a word: “NO.” 

It is true that most of us don’t have infants or toddlers getting us up at night, needing a feeding or a diaper change or a drink of water or reassurance that there is NO MONSTER under the bed. Instead, we have teenagers and college students and young adults, some of whom are sheltering at home in our homes and some of whom are sheltering in dorm rooms and apartments and houses miles or cities or states or even countries away. 

Even if all our children are home with us, this isn’t like Christmas, when we sleep the contented sleep of moms whose people are just down the hall and whose phones are off. 

This is different. 

Why it’s so hard to sleep

We are not so much sleeping as we are worrying…

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