Why Kids Fitness Is More Important Than Ever


Why Kids Fitness Is More Important Than Ever

My 4 year old loves to make up “exercises” and goes full on trainer mode when she wants my husband and I to follow along (and then corrects us when we “do it wrong,” of course). While her wobbly backwards walk or the one-leg pirate dance may not produce the same results as P90X or Crossfit, I try to support her in doing this as much as possible. Encouraging her to be physically active both fosters creativity and builds the foundation for a love of fitness. And these days, kids’ fitness is more important than ever.

As an Adapted Physical Education teacher with an M.A. in Special (Adapted) Physical Education, I know firsthand how essential physical activity is to the overall well-being of a child. I also know how detrimental it can be when children are not given the opportunity, or are not encouraged, to get up and get moving…

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