Why is no one talking about how unsustainable this is for working parents?


As this “temporary” situation threatens to drag on for months and parents are losing steam, I’m wondering why the government hasn’t come up with a plan.

I never thought this would happen, but my family—two full-time working parents and three young kids doing the e-learning thing—is getting into a bit of a groove. After my morning video meeting with my colleagues here at Today’s Parent, I half-work (that is, answer emails and Slack messages) throughout the day, while tending to our kids, ages seven, nine and 12. This allows my husband to focus on his job which, pre-pandemic, already required him to work most evenings after putting in a full day. At 5 p.m. he takes over the family life, while I go to our office (aka our bedroom) for a few hours to get some actual editing and writing done. After the kids go to bed (way too late, these days), we…

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