Why I will never, ever set a leprechaun trap


Holidays at my house will not be extra special—I don’t need any more mom performance anxiety.

If you’re the kind of mom that sets leprechaun traps, I’m sorry but we can’t be friends.

No idea what a leprechaun trap is? Head on over to Pinterest; by the time you’ve hit LEP… the autocomplete will take you to endlessly scrolling pages of green glitter and gold coin bedazzled crafting nonsense.

The basic premise is this: You craft some kind of elaborate looking trap that you then convince your children has the potential to tempt a leprechaun and then contain him until the morning so that they can see this magical creature in the flesh. But, you say, doesn’t that lead to disappointment when they don’t catch one? Pinterest moms have that covered.

You just use the same tactics as you do with Elf on the Shelf leaving twee green footprints…

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