Why I Stay Up Until My Teens are Home at Night


It is said that Orca whales don’t sleep for the first month of their offspring’s life. They swim alongside the overactive baby to protect it and help it get stronger. So, this whole sleep deprivation thing is not exclusive to human mothers.

I imagine all that solidarity is supposed to make us feel better. However, there’s a chance I am too tired to be comforted by the idea of misery loving company. 

I became the parent who stayed up until the boys were home at night. (Maureen Stiles)

Mom is the default nighttime parent

See, I’m not sure there was a defining moment or big declaration but somehow I ended up being the parent who waits up for the kids to return from a night out. No raucous duel of rock, paper, scissors or a flip of the coin to declare me the loser in the sleep game. It just sort of happened. 

That was eight years ago when my oldest entered high…

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