When Your Adult Kids Have “Settled in” for the Long Haul


A funny thing happened on the way to a vaccine. Some of us ended up quarantining with our young adult children and just like that our houses, our pantries and our laundry baskets were once again filled to overflowing. 

My young adult kids have “burrowed in.” (Twenty20 @maginnis)

And as tentative and unsettled as it all seemed at the beginning, our children, bless their hearts, now seem to have settled in for the long haul. Actually, “settled in” may be too mild a term for what’s happened here. They have, in fact, “burrowed in.” And, I’ve watched enough National Geographic to know that once a mammal burrows in-it takes a very angry and determined predator to oust it. 

Grown children have moved home and are giving up their apartments

With head-spinning rapidity, my grown children started talking about giving up the leases on their apartments and on their adult lives. And…

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