When This High School Student Lost Her Part-Time Jobs, She Started Helping Others


Alex Cannon of Bedford, New Hampshire was a high school senior holding down two part-time jobs. Then came the outbreak. First, Alexa’s pet-sitting business fizzled because who needs a pet-sitter when no one is leaving the house? And then, when all events were canceled, her job doing events for a local radio station fizzled as well.

Without her jobs, Alexa was simply trying to finish up her senior year of high school and earn some extra funds for college.

This high school senior is shopping for those who can’t. (photo via Alexa Cannon)

Then, Alexa got an idea from something she saw her parents do. They helped purchase and deliver cleaning supplies to someone who was house-bound and couldn’t get out. Alexa realized that she could help others by shopping for them and delivering their groceries.

So now, Alexa spends her free time shopping for people who aren’t able to do so. She…

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