When the CDC Announced That Social Distancing Was the Rule, I Didn’t Get It


I think I can speak for most people when I say that the last couple of weeks haven’t felt completely real. I feel like I’m in the wrong timeline from some Doctor Who-esque sci-fi show.

A few days ago, some friends of mine made a group chat and we asked one another how we’d been doing with our time off. I replied: “Wake up at 1 PM, watch YouTube, eat too much food, realize I haven’t done homework all day, watch Hulu, go to sleep at 4 AM, repeat.” While this reply sums up my dullest days, it’s not the whole story.

When the CDC first reported on the pandemic, I didn’t take it seriously

This kind of thing hasn’t really happened before, at least not in my lifetime. In high school, during the Ebola virus outbreak of 2014-2016, we didn’t worry about getting sick or dying. We certainly didn’t cancel school or shut down the country, so I didn’t understand why this was any…

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