What’s the Deal with Maternity Leave in the USA?


What’s the Deal with Maternity Leave in the USA?

Congrats! You’re pregnant! I know how excited you must be. But you’re also a working woman and now you have questions about maternity leave. That’s something you’ll need to figure out quickly! So, what’s the deal with maternity leave in the USA? The deal, I am very sorry to tell you, is that it’s not so great.

As I prepared to give birth to my first child in 2017, I remember sitting in my office reading through a thick packet of papers my Human Resources department had given me when they found out I was pregnant. I wanted to prepare for my baby’s birth. Also, I needed to plan for the time I’d take off to deliver the baby and bond with her. But I was surprised to learn that while my employer would grant me maternity leave—it would be entirely unpaid.

I was…

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