What’s in My Purse: Girl Mom Edition


What’s in My Purse: Girl Mom Edition

I never used to be a “purse girl.” But since having my own little girl, I’ve found it not only wise, but downright necessary, to carry so many toddler items in my purse that it rivals a doomsday prepper’s bunker. So, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to survive with a little girl outside of the house, take a peek at What’s In My Purse: #Girlmom Edition.

I used to carry that cute leather purse that Joanna Gaines always showcases in her homes but, not surprisingly, it’s no longer practical. First of all, leather? Last time I checked, it doesn’t stand up well to getting water, milk, or juice spilled on it and definitely doesn’t appreciate the fingerprints of peanut butter. Secondly, it has a serious lack of storage. While I still yank it off the coat rack on the rare day I get to venture out by myself, these days, I’m…

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