What Your Mom REALLY Wanted You to Know that Day Dorm Shopping


To Incoming College Freshmen (Rolling Your Eyes at Your Mom Dorm Room Shopping)

Yes it is brutally hot here in August, and yes you would rather be swimming or watching Netflix than shopping with your Mom for college bedding late in the afternoon. News flash…. your Mom is hot and tired too, but hey, she loves you, and she is bursting with emotions that have been building up over the past 18 years for what is about to happen in the next couple of weeks when she drops you off at college.

Dorm shopping means much more than just buying sheets and towels. (TBKilman)

When a Teen and Mom Go Dorm Shopping Together

So please, cut her some slack, because unlike you, to her this is not just another shopping trip, this is the beginning of what your Mom has been preparing for all of your life. And while for you this is an exciting beginning, for her it is exciting, but it is also the beginning of…

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