What will be the New Normal post-COVID-19?


The New Normal post-COVID-19:

No one will disagree with the fact that COVID-19 has been disastrous to the public healthcare and even for the economies. It will give any dry run to any recession in the past hundred years, even counting the 2008 GFC (Global Financial Crisis). How can I ever forget GFC? That was the year when I was placed in the corporate world and it did hit the start for every profession into the Financial sector. That year also brought many transformations and hence I wanted to pen down my thoughts on the possible New Normal.

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There seems to be no rulebook for this crisis, as more than 1/3rd of the world’s economy is under the most trending word “Lockdown”. Such zoonotic viruses are here to stay, they will keep infecting people, and again it will prove the theory of “Survival of the Fittest”. While the…

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