What To Say Instead When You Can’t Say “There’s Always Next Year”


I was a senior in high school when I royally bombed an audition for an honors choir I’d gotten into as a sophomore and junior. I was doing too many other things at the time and should have gracefully bowed out before I tried to cram for it and ended up falling very ungracefully on my face in front of the judging panel. 

Mom remembers when she failed to get selected as a senior

When the letter came, the choir organizers gently informed me I hadn’t been selected. If I’d been anything other than a senior, they would have encouraged me to try again the next year. Instead, they noted somewhat painfully that my senior status ruled out trying again and made some conciliatory remarks about wishing me well in my future. (Where, no doubt, they hoped I would either prepare better or admit my overcommitments.)

My bomb was my own fault, but sometimes, through no fault of their own, our kids…

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