What to Remind Your Teen Before Fall Semester Begins


On my first trip deep into the teen years, it became instantly clear to me that parenting teens and young adults is about 500 times more mentally taxing than at any other point on the parenting journey.  I remember in particular my very first truly horrific day with my first teenager, where I had reached the “I would happily trade my eye rolling teenager for your tantrum throwing toddler Any. Damn. Day. Of. The Week” mood.

Dirty diapers? No problem, I was a pro.

Life coaching adolescents during a pandemic? Please send help. 

We can tell our kids these mantras are the only answers we have right now, and then cross our fingers real hard. (Twenty20. ijeab)

The last few months, as the uncertain chaos of the country surrounds us like a humidity cloud of viral pathogens (literally!), I am back to serving as the mental rock of my family. Even though my husband and I have had many nights…

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