What to Pack in a College “Go Bag” in Case Your Student Needs to Quarantine


One new item that has popped up on back to school shopping lists for 2020 is a “Go Bag” for college students in case they are asked to quarantine. Here are essentials (and a few extras) that can be packed in a small bag, ready to grab in case your teen might need it. Gather up any sample size toiletries and things on this list that you might have around the house.

We’ve also added a few additional things to consider getting for their dorm room as you will want your teen to try to keep as clean and healthy a living space as possible this fall.

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College quarantine go bag check list



Underwear and socks

Change of comfy clothes

Flip flops

Food and Drink

Water Bottle – here is an inexpensive one that is lightweight and fits on a bike (when the quarantine is…

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