What to Do When Your Teen Isn’t Taking Social Distancing Seriously


I’ve talked to several parents who are struggling to convey the urgency of good hygiene and social distancing to their teens. One parent told me his 14-year-old boy snuck out the other day to ride bikes with his friends. Another parent told me her son, who is home from college, keeps going over to his girlfriend’s house, putting his elderly grandmother who’s living with them at risk.

And just yesterday, I saw a group of teen girls huddled together in the park. As one parent complained, “They’re just not getting it. They’re not taking it seriously at all. But I just don’t know how to get through to them.”

Social distancing is brutal for teens. (Twenty20 @JulieK)

Social distancing is brutal for teens

It’s not because they don’t care; it’s that many don’t grasp how something so simple as riding bikes or hanging out in the park with their friends can put themselves or…

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