What To Do If Coronavirus Cancels Your Trip to Visit Colleges


For high school juniors and their families, spring break can be a key time for visiting prospective colleges. They’ve mapped out the trip and narrowed down the list to the colleges they are really interested in. Plane tickets are purchased, college tours are booked.

Here are some creative ways to learn about colleges without visiting them. (Twenty20 @lelia_milaya)

Four ways to learn about colleges without visiting them

This year, there’s a big bug in those plans: coronavirus has wreaked havoc on college tours, and students are scrambling for a plan B. It’s time to get creative and find new ways to learn about colleges. 

If you can’t visit colleges during your break this year, here are few ideas to help you learn more about these schools from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Take virtual tours: While virtual tours aren’t as good as visiting in person, they are still a great way…

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