What This Mom and Teacher Misses the Most


I am a teacher and a mother. To describe these as remarkable times is to both understate and express the obvious. I’ve been at home for two days, something I’d usually give my right arm for, and I’m already feeling the fray. 

I am a mother and a teacher

As a mother, I am housing 3 college age kids (2 of them mine). One of my sons is a freshman who has had his first (tremendously happy) year interrupted by this chaos and left his school, like everyone else, with a sense of longing and just simply wanting to stay. He is at a university in Colorado and was initially given, like so many others, the option to stay in the dorm and work remotely. At that time, when I asked him what he wanted to do, he said, “I just want to ski.”

We told him to go do that. Within 24 hours, he wanted to come home and scheduled a flight for five days later. Twelve hours later, I woke to a text that he…

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