What IS School Without the Students?


In this upside-down world, I mistake a streetlight for the moon. It is early morning when I creep downstairs to feed the dogs and cats and fish. Outside the front window, the glow deceives me. I shake my head, look again, and wonder how I mistook one for the other. But we are full of mistakes these days, full of wondering what will come next, how the next weeks will unfold. I am thinking about how lucky we are.

After a high fever over the weekend, our son, we are relieved to learn, has only the flu. Only. Once that would have terrified me, but that it is the flu and not Coronavirus feels cause for celebration. Pandemic. Social distance. Respiratory distress. Terms I don’t remember giving more than passing attention to a month ago now march relentlessly through my dreams, through my waking hours. When we learn a new word, we take notice.

What will a school be without the students?


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