What If I Don’t Immediately Fall in Love With My Baby?


When we, moms, picture birth, the moment we look forward to the most is laying eyes on our beautiful little bundle of joy. We imagine their soft, warm body tightly pressed against ours, tears rolling down our eyes, our heart growing larger than it has ever been. We imagine falling, no, plummeting into all-consuming love towards this helpless little human. And how disappointing is it when it doesn’t happen, and you don’t immediately fall in love with your baby?

Am I the only one not in love with my baby?

It can be disappointing and even shocking when we hold our newborn and feel nothing towards them. The multitude of thoughts that pass through our heads at this moment is enough to swallow us whole and bring us down into the dark spiral of shame.

We start wondering what is wrong with us? All other moms fall in love with their babies immediately. None of the movies we ever saw…

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