What I Wish I Had Known About Being a Working Mom


What I Wish I Had Known About Being a Working Mom

Being a working mom can add a lot of pressure to a woman’s already hectic life. Survey results conducted by the Pew Research Center reveal that there are a lot more working moms in the world today than ever before. They also discovered about the working mom: moms are more educated now than ever before, the majority of women with a young child are in the workforce, and more mothers than ever are serving as the “breadwinner” of the family.

When I conduct my own surveys, most working moms say that there is a ton of pressure on them to be an involved mother, to climb the corporate ladder, to seek equal pay, and maintain some sense of normalcy for themselves. There is no wonder that we burn the candle at both ends, and feel utterly overwhelmed by trying to pull it all together to make it happen.

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