What I Want to Tell My Daughters and the Class of 2020


Class of 2020,

Don’t lose heart. As the mom of two senior girls, I get what you’re going through. Your hearts are broken. You’ve lost the last months of your senior year – the fun part of the year when you could finally relax and bask in the glow of being celebrated for your years of hard work.

For the athletes, these lost months mean you won’t get to play your last season of high school sports; for the thespians, you won’t get to star in your final performance; for the scholars, these months were for AP exams, defending your thesis, and shoring up the grades you’ve worked so hard for all these years. I get it; I’m broken alongside you.

Photo by TBKilman

I am heart-broken, too

As a senior mom, I had my own plans. Family members from across the country were scheduled to come to graduation. A few months ago, my biggest worry was where to house so many guests, how many extra…

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