What I My Teen to Know After They Screw Up


To my child on the heels of your stupid decision,

I love you.

I love you more than anything.

Yes, I am going to start our serious conversation with those three words, because those are the three words which relay to you the notion that you are cared about and that you are important; something I very much need you to believe at all times, especially at a time like this.

You have done something unbecoming. You have faltered. You have done something “wrong.”

Sometimes when people screw up, they weren’t thinking clearly and I hope that was the case with you. (Twenty20 @moptkcs)

I have made mistakes also, lots of them

Guess what, child?

I have done things unbecoming. I have faltered. I have done “wrong” things, too.

You may feel sad right now — sad that you are in trouble or sad that you have hurt or offended others.

You may feel embarrassed — that you didn’t think before you acted…

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