What I Love (and Hate) About Baby Showers


Fall is almost here, and with that comes what feels like a parade of baby showers! Confession: I LOVE baby showers. They’re such a fun reason to get together with friends, and are a sweet tradition that I’m hopeful – and pretty sure – isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Baby showers began in this country in the late 1940’s as a way of providing post-war women with useful material goods for her new baby and home. Did you know that, traditionally, baby showers were only given for a couple’s first child? And, as we all probably know, only women were invited? Clearly, baby showers of the modern era – a.k.a. how we know them today – have definitely evolved a bit since then. There have been some great changes and some . . . well, not so great additions. So if you are planning or attending a baby shower in the future, here are some of the best and worst of baby showers to…

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