What I Hope For You


To a high school senior: 

I teach high school seniors and have for 15 of my 18 years, so even though I might not teach you, in particular, I feel like I know a thing or two about this time in your life, or at least I thought I knew. This group of seniors is different, going through things I never did myself and never watched one of my past groups of seniors go through. So maybe I don’t know anything, after all. 

What one high school teacher hopes for seniors, everywhere. (Twenty20 @5byseven)

Seniors, we are so sorry

Maybe this is what you want the well-meaning people in your life to say to you:  

We’re sorry. We must be honest with you. We don’t know how you feel but we will sit with you in this, hold your hand—literally or figuratively. We will create space for you to cry, even if it’s virtually on our classroom zoom calls or as a parent on the sofa over a cup of hot…

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