What Happened After I Stopped Letting My Teens Have Their Phones In Their Rooms at Night


It used to be a hard rule: No phones or other devices in my kids’ rooms or in the bathroom, ever. There’s no need to be behind closed doors when you’re twelve and have access to that kind of world. Also, I’ve never quite trusted my kids’ hygiene habits so not having them in the bathroom was something that saved us from a whole bucket of other problems I am sure.

My teens seem happier since I stopped letting them take their phones to their rooms at night. (Twenty20 @sherri1698)

As my kids got older I let them take their phones into their rooms

But, as they got older and I got more comfortable with my children peering into the land of Instagram. I saw how FaceTime for them literally consists of them living their life while their friend watches them as they ignore each other and do their homework or have a snack so I became more lenient.

While I’ve always taken their phones…

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