What Color Eyes Will Your Baby Have?


What Color Eyes Will Your Baby Have?

Expecting parents often wonder what their baby will look like once he’s born. Will he have light or dark hair? Will he inherit your freckles? What color eyes will your baby have? When I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I had fun wondering these same things. Would he have a round face? Would he have my nose? My husband’s cheeks? The only thing we knew for sure was that he would have deep brown eyes and dark brown hair, just like his mom and dad. Or so we thought.

Our blue-eyed surprise.

When our son was born, he looked like a perfect combination of the two us— except his eyes were blue! We asked our doctor what was going on. He told us that many baby’s eyes begin with a lighter hue that eventually begins to change color as melanocytes (cells in the iris) begin to produce…

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