What Are You Doing to Get Through These Days? 14 Things that Help


You are losing your mind. Join the club-me too. This is an overwhelming time but there are ways to preserve your sanity through the madness. 

We asked our readers what they are doing to get through the day

Exercise. We are walking, running, doing yoga, meditating or other exercises alone or with a partner or class via FaceTime or Zoom.

Get online. We are Skyping, chatting, texting, calling, using FaceTime, Zooming. However we do it we are finding ways to keep in touch with family and friends. We are participating in online book groups, cocktail parties, webinars and just one-on-one get togethers. Some are taking online classes or participating online with their communities of faith. Not to mention, all of us who are working online. 

Maintain a schedule. Many of you mentioned that sticking to a schedule especially during the week, has been helping you get through these days. Feeling…

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