We’re Running a Common Sense Camp for Our Teens


Why we’re focusing on life skills this summer

One of my favorite Gary Larson cartoons features a boy pushing mightily against a door marked PULL at his “School for the Gifted.” This image took on new meaning when I became a parent, as our kids seemed to be, let’s say, heavy on the book smarts.

Common sense t-shirts (via Oona Hanson)

As a former English teacher, I reveled in having precocious readers. Like sitcom bookworms, however, they can be befuddled by the practicalities of daily life, the very things that help young people thrive in the real world, as beautifully argued by Julie Lythcott-Haims in How To Raise an Adult.

We often joked that our kids needed Common Sense Camp

Observing our kids struggling with ordinary tasks, my husband and I have often joked they would benefit from “Common Sense Camp.” So with normal summer options off the table this year, we decided it…

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