We Saw This And Wondered Why Any College Rejected the Brilliant Talented Sophia?


She has a 33 ACT and 4.5 GPA and IB and yet once the decisions came in, Sophia saw rejection and a whole lot of waitlists. But if colleges are looking for talent, for kids with true originality and a real passion in their lives, they missed by a mile with her.

With her finger on the pulse of her generation, she and her friends-in-rejection spin a tune explaining the gauntlet their generation has run. All of our teens need to hear this.

Never have so many lemons been turned into such creative lemonade.

Rapping rejection

Sophia explains, “COVID-19 has basically destroyed our senior year. On top of ruining our high school experience, it has led us to try and cope with the pain of college decisions away from our usual support group of friends. College admissions were cutthroat this year, and plenty of you qualified seniors got…

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