We Never Thought Our Son Would Graduate; We Count Our Blessings


On this day four years ago, I got the phone call every parent dreads most — my son, a thousand miles away at college, was involved in a serious accident. He had been driving a motorcycle I didn’t know he owned, through the winding mountain roads of Pennsylvania when an elderly man in a pickup truck pulled out in front of him. The man never saw my son. Not until he was laid out in the road, bleeding and unable to move.

We are so thankful that our son got to graduate.(Photo courtesy of Tammy Harrow)

The kindness of a stranger saved my son’s life

His helmet lay cracked and strewn in a ditch nearby. The kindness of a stranger saved his life. A man pulled over, blocked traffic with his car, dragged my son to the shoulder, then called for help. 

My husband, teenage daughter, and I were having pizza at a restaurant in downtown St. Augustine, where we live, when we got the call. Jake…

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