We Need to Never Stop Teaching Our Teens Lessons of Empathy


My daughter studies a picture of a boy sitting alone as a group of children play together beside him.  The boy looks as if he might be crying. “How do you think the boy feels,” her teacher asks. “Sad,” Erin replies.

Since diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the age of two Erin,18, has consistently reviewed picture boards and social stories to recognize and read the range of human emotions and to learn how certain words and actions affect others. While autism is a complex neurological disorder, the therapies applied to connect Erin to the world around her are pretty straightforward.

My daughter has taught me that empathy can be learned. (Twenty20 @Foto_Sale)

My autistic daughter needs to be taught to see beyond herself

Through rigorous repetition these exercises have helped her to see beyond herself and to understand how important it is to make eye contact, to ask…

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