We Miss A Lot But The Thing We Miss Most Is Each Other


We went there. We asked perhaps the most painful question. What do you miss? After weeks confined at home, with perhaps weeks or months still ahead of us, what are you missing from your life?

We heard some answers, and then we heard the truth.

We miss the hugs. (@Sphotography via Twenty20)

We are sad about the milestone events that will never be. We feel sorry for teens who have practiced hard for a school play, have prepared all year for the softball season, who were looking forward to celebrating a graduation or had lost a summer job already.

We miss routines, going to our jobs, our workouts, or churches and temples. We miss the rhythm of daily life that we took for granted, sometimes barely noticed, because it seemed so unremarkable.

We miss watching our kids play their sports, dance or play music. We would love to be back in the audience of their lives. We miss them telling us about…

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