We Didn’t Ask for This But Maybe it Was What My Family Needed


It’s week nine…or is it the end of week eight? Do I count the week I went into the office for one day? When did I start keeping track? No matter, we’re deep into it now, nine (or eight or ten) weeks from the time we walked into our house and more or less stayed there.

Our new normal doesn’t seem quite so new anymore. This is just how it is now.

March was a lifetime ago, a month that dragged on relentlessly. The last gasp of a cold and damp New England winter that seemed determined to stay forever, reluctant to cede to the coming spring, no matter what the calendar said.

The work keeps turning and things are slowly changing. (Twenty20 @musiena)

At first we chafed at the confines of our new reality

My family of three chafed at the confines of our new reality while we adjusted to the world of work and college classes all taking place in our modest townhouse. Our life as empty nesters…

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