We caved and hired a babysitter and it’s been a lifesaver…for my kids


To protect my kids’ mental health, we’ve started taking small, calculated risks where there is benefit in doing so. Until there’s a vaccine, I think that’s the only way forward.

“Well, my day is going to be poop, now!” said my seven-year old, looking up at me in disgust. It was noon, which meant his babysitter was done her shift for the day, and he was now stuck with me and his dad for the afternoon (the horror!). A few days earlier, my husband and I had taken the plunge and asked our pre-pandemic teen babysitters that live down the street if they’d be willing to come by each morning to hang out with our seven- and nine-year-old boys for a few hours. (Their 12-year-old sister is pretty laid up with schoolwork during the day.)

Believe me, we didn’t make the decision lightly. Having been holed up and keeping to ourselves since mid-March,…

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