We can’t recover from COVID-19 without a childcare plan


Affordable, accessible child-care isn’t a pipe dream. We have plenty of evidence that when there’s the political will, there’s a way.

For months now, parents have been doing the impossible. With schools and daycares closed, we’ve become full-time caregivers and educators, while, in many cases, continuing to work from home. This double duty is not only draining, it’s unsustainable.

Last November, I became a father for the first time. I was elated. Then, two months later, COVID-19 was discovered in Toronto. As Chair of the Toronto Board of Health, I entered the busiest and most stressful period of my career just as my son was smiling for the first time, as my wife finished healing from childbirth, and as we both learned to live with little sleep and the new-parent feeling of constant cluelessness.

My days in those months started with an…

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