We Are Not Trying To Rush You


Dear 2020 Senior Parents,

We are not trying to rush you along.

We are the parents of the class of 2021, and as we open the door on our kids’ senior year, we promise: we’re not hurrying to close the door on yours.

We understand that it might feel that way, though. We admit we’re working pretty hard to drum up some excitement for our future grads. We don’t deny that we’re trying to ignore all the posts about how our kids will have it “even worse” than yours by posting our declarations of hope and commitment. We’ve been waiting for this season for a long time. Whatever it ends up looking like, we’re ready to do our best to make the most of it.

From our vantage point, we are happy for you and we hurt for you. (Twenty20 @juliabrodatska)

You are still celebrating your kids, we get that

But we know you are still celebrating and honoring your current graduates. This is still…

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