We Are in the Popcorn and Candle Years and We’re Going to Celebrate Getting There


It was my husband’s 49th birthday last December. It falls a week before Christmas which means it annually gets overshadowed by Christmas and this year was no different. It was on a Thursday sandwiched between school, work, hockey practices, holiday prep and desperate attempts to stave off influenza.

My husband has a short list of wants for his birthday

My husband, like many 49 year olds, does not have a long list of birthday wishes beyond a modicum of peace in the house (which was not granted) and possibly a decent meal which usually means take out sushi eaten in a rush with a tree blinking in the background. He is long past the stage of wanting nice practical things since we have most of the things and anything that he really wants/needs he has purchased for himself.

This is what 25 years of marriage looks like. (photo via Jenn Larsen)

Some of the items he wants, like specific…

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