Watch what happens when you hand a baby a raw egg—it’s not what you expect!


Letting a baby hold a fragile egg seems like a pretty bad idea—so obviously moms and dads on TikTok are all trying it. The results are so surprising!

All parents know that when you hand something to a baby or toddler, chances are pretty high that they’ll immediately chuck it. It’s not their fault; throwing things is fun and to be fair, it’s a good way for them to get the hang of those important gross motor skills. However, this mom on TikTok heard that if you give a baby an egg, they’ll instinctually be gentle with it. So like any mom of the internet, she decided to give it a try for herself and post the adorable—and unexpected!—results for everyone to see. Take a look.


@cassandranguyen981Babies new best friend ##babyandegg ##fyp♬ original sound – cassandranguyen981

Turns out most babies will be gentle with a raw egg in their…

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