W is for Water #A2ZChallenge – NatkhatZ


“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” – H. Auden

Can you imagine that I have not had water yet? These days it is so hot, everyone at home is guzzling glasses of water but there’s not even a drop of it for me. If you were not given any water, I am sure that you would not have been able to sustain even for a day and here I have to stay without water each day. Mommy says no water before I am 6 months old. I am sure it is the doctor’s order.  Water water everywhere but not a single drop for me to drink.

Sometimes, I do feel like drinking water especially when I am bathing. However, Mommy is very intelligent. She lifts my head high and very carefully lets no water go into my mouth. Even when she places me in the bucket of water, she is careful about the water being less and coming only till my chest.

One day Miss A asked Mommy, why are babies not…

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