V is for Vaccination #A2ZChallenge – NatkhatZ


Did you know vaccines play trick the body into fighting a disease that we do not have? This is to prepare our bodies to fight against the disease in future!

On the second day, a doctor walked into the room and informed us that I need to be vaccinated. The entire day we kept waiting for him and he finally came in the evening. Yes! I did cry as that was the first time something sharp had pricked me. It felt as though something was pinching my soft and supple skin.

After this, I was supposed to get DPT and Rotavirus vaccines at 6 weeks with booster doses to be followed at 10 and 14 weeks. When I went back to the hospital at 6 weeks, Miss A had already forewarned of the danger that I may have to face during vaccination. That day I also cried when I was once again pricked. On returning home I was in great pain and had bouts of fever too. Whenever anyone touched me I would squeal…

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