Tonight Is The Last Night I’ll Hug My Kids Goodnight or Kiss My Husband Until God Knows When


Tonight is the last night that I’ll hug my kids goodnight or kiss my husband until god knows when. 

Community spread is now confirmed in my area and being an ER nurse means that the odds of being exposed over and over again are now100% guaranteed. So I just wanted to talk to everyone stuck at home with your family, bored out of your mind and itching to get out. A little perspective is sometimes all you need to feel grateful for the things you have that others don’t. 

Help our nurses. (via One Vaxxed Nurse)

Starting with my shift tomorrow, I’ll come home from work through my laundry room door that leads to the outside. I’ll strip naked including shoes and put everything straight into the washing machine on sanitize mode. Ill use a Clorox wipe to clean anything I touched in the process. I’ll then take the towel that my husband has left for me and use it to walk to my master…

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